Born in Santa Barbara, California, into a family of naturalists, fishermen, and marine biologists, Kelly is undeniably influenced by the unique beauty of the California coast. With a background in international development and elementary education, her self-taught artistic journey has been a melding of her passion for creativity, education, & the natural world.

"Nature cannot be contained, captured, or defined, yet I always find myself wanting to touch it, hold it, recreate it. Saltwater swells and living creatures alike contain a sort of wild mystery that I believe all humanity craves. When we allow our fixation with screens and schedules to transfer to the untamed eye of nature, wonder and humility become our teachers. The place where mystery becomes delight. With spontaneous but deliberate brushstrokes, I endeavor to reflect a balance of wild whimsy and intentional design with my art. My work spills from my insatiable fascination with the natural world, and a desire to inspire a similar curiosity and awe in my viewers."
– Kelly

Spanning watercolors, murals, and design, Clause’s work can be seen in galleries and boutiques spotted along the coast, in custom homes, medical facilities, wineries, restaurants, and more. Since the start of her career in 2017, Kelly’s art has been published in international dive magazines, Watercolor Artist Magazine, and several local publications. She has worked with Burton snowboards, The Nature Conservancy, Ace Rivington, Final Straw, Bluewater Grill, Topa Topa Brewery, Smog City Brewery, Captain Fatty’s Brewery, Simple Fish Wines, and several local nonprofits such as Santa Barbara Channel Keeper and Channel Islands Marine Wildlife Institute.

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